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Home care is affordable

Not only do collective insurance reduce nursing care costs, RAMQ and tax deductions are often applicable too!

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Calculator showing affordable health care

For many years now, countless health professionals have been providing home care, such as nurses, occupational therapists, massage therapists, social workers, psychoeducators and psychologists.

Some of these services can be free when paid by the public health system, but it often involves complicated paperwork and long delays that can impact health.

Tired of delays and administrative pitfalls?

More and more Quebecers are choosing home health care. It fits better with the importance they place on their health and their busy family and professional life. Paying for these services is no longer a luxury given the limitations of the current public healthcare system. Home care allows them to:

  • save time; with family and work.

  • get care at a moment that is convenient for them; they get answers and can act to take care of their health within a reasonable timeframe.

  • avoid travel inconveniences; traffic, parking, stairs, bad weather.

It’s worth the cost, even though it’s not reimbursable by my insurance.

- Nathalie S., blood test patient

Be in control of your health and access affordable care

There is an increasing number of home nursing services being offered and you can now find care that you need without the inconvenience.

A consultation can last from 15 minutes to 1h30 depending on the service and the professional. Certain services, like STBBI screening, require a follow-up of the results as well as a medication prescription and counselling if needed. The price of a consultation is therefore determined by the length of the service, the nurse’s expertise, the need for follow-up of results and the costs that could be linked to the services offered. Other services, such as home blood sampling by a nurse, take little time, but the laboratory charges fees for analysis, which can increase the cost.

In general, the price of a home nursing service can vary, approximately, between $45 and $120. Some treatments require a single visit while others require frequent follow-up visits. When insurance covers nursing care, it generally covers all the care given by a nurse.

It is important to find out whether or not nursing care is covered in your case. The cost of care can be reduced either by:

  • The RAMQ: if care is provided by a nurse via a CLSC.

  • Group insurance: nursing care coverage varies according to your insurer and the package you have chosen.

  • Income tax: amounts that are not reimbursed may be submitted as a medical expense deduction.

Many healthcare services can be given by nurses in the comfort of your own home. Here is a list of the services that can be offered.

Comfort as a priority

Ensure the comfort and safety of you or your loved ones by avoiding crowded hospitals or clinics.

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