Woman looking for health care at home

Health care

Skip the ER and clinics; get health care at home

A new way to access health care emerges; obtain home care via an online platform on which you select your own healthcare professional.

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Woman looking for health care at home

Access to health care can be complicated: from long wait times on the phone to difficulty getting a quick appointment with your family doctor or securing a place at the walk in clinic, navigating the health care system can seem like a maze.

There’s a solution: many health services can be given by registered nurses and Vesta helps you find one.

Vesta: Registered Nurses at your door

Vesta is healthcare without the headache. Simply book online, receive healthcare at your door and get back to living your life.

  • Schedule a home visit for you, your children or your parents at the moment you choose with the click of a button,

  • Whether for blood tests, vaccines, chronic disease follow-ups and many others, your nurse is ready to help,

  • The nurse you choose could become your personal healthcare professional.

Who can benefit from Vesta? Everyone!

The only restriction with Vesta is your location and whether there is a health care professional working in that region. Here are some of the benefits you can expect with Vesta:

Benefits for your children:

  • No anxiety related to the medical environment,

  • Less stress related to medical contact,

  • More trust developed with the same caregiver each time.

Benefits for you:

  • No need to take time off work to receive healthcare,

  • No time spent travelling or stuck in the traffic,

  • Direct access to a nurse who knows you,

  • A more personal relationship with your healthcare professional for all your family.

Benefits for your parents

  • Receive care in their own language,

  • Avoids travel concerns, difficult outdoor conditions and stairs,

  • No need to organize adapted transport.

How does Vesta work?

Skip the line and get care right away. Search for nurses in your region. Discover the services offered by the nurse of your choice.

To book an appointment, follow simple steps and choose a day and a time that works for you.

You will receive an email notification immediately after you book, as well as a reminder a day before your scheduled appointment. You should expect a call from your nurse to collect additional information before the appointment and to confirm your appointment.

During the home visit, your nurse will ask questions to get to know you, answer your questions and provide services. Your nurse will email you your invoice, that you will pay online. You can use the receipt to submit the fees to your insurance, if covered, and claim a tax credit.

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Comfort as a priority

Ensure the comfort and safety of you or your loved ones by avoiding crowded hospitals or clinics.

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